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Live : Carlton v Melbourne at the MCG – AFL Round 16 #AFLBluesDees

Live : Carlton v Melbourne at the MCG – AFL Round 16

The latest action from the big #AFLBluesDees clash at the Melbourne Cricket Ground live

Melbourne Couple Dressed as The Joker, Harley Quinn Shot at By Police at Night Club

Melbourne Couple Dressed as The Joker Harley Quinn were shot at by Melbourne Police

Melbourne truly is Gotham City….

A couple dressed as The Joker and Harley Quinn at a bizarre nightclub party in Melbourne.

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RIP Lou Richards – Why Everyone Loved Lou

From the ABC : The Australian Football community is remembering former Collingwood captain Lou Richards as a pioneer of the game, opening up media careers to modern footballers and introducing the sport to new audiences with his “panache”.

Lou Richards, also known as “Louie the Lip”, died at the age of 94 today. RIP Lou Richards.

Richards followed his 14-year playing career with a decades long career in television, radio and newspaper, most notably on the long-running World of Sport and League Teams, with Richmond legend Jack Dyer and Geelong star Bob Davis.

The shows combined football and entertainment for the first time in the 1950s, and are considered the precursors for today’s AFL media environment, like The Footy Show.

AFL chief executive Gillon McLachlan said Richards’ media work had opened up another future for modern footballers upon retirement.

“A player, a marketer, a gentleman, someone that everyone revered and loved. He’ll be sadly missed.” – Eddie McGuire

Push for New Vote on Australian Republic – Should Australia Have a President?

Renewed push for an Australian Republic – with Aussie PM pushing for a new vote

Should Australia become a Republic? The PM things so and he’s pushing for a new vote on the issue.

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nbnm8 – New Platform Let’s You See if NBN is Available on Real Estate Listing Sites

nbnm8 is going to be a very useful tool indeed

A new platform allows Australian’s to check if the new property they are looking at on real estate listing websites is NBN ready.

nbnm8, made by Ben Jennings, allows users of RealEstate.com.au and Domain.com.au to check if the property they are interested in to buy or rent is ready for high-speed internet, as many areas of Australia are still waiting for NBN broadband rollout.

The platform is a Google Chrome browser plugin, that works when you’re looking at property on the popular real estate portals.

The nbnm8 “Checks nbn availability so you don’t have to,” the site says.

The Silicon Valley based Jennings has been promoting the platform on Reddit and other social media outlets in the past few days.

“I made a browser plugin that checks nbn availability on realestate/domain listings,” he wrote on Reddit Australia’s sub-sites this week.

The platfrom pulls data directly from NBNco’s website. To verify if a property you’re interested in has NBN takes quite a few steps, with the NBN website showing areas in a fairly vague fashion on their maps. The new platform puts that problem to rest for prospective rental property tenants or buyers.

People are loving this plugin on the Google Chrome platform

NBNM8 user reviews

Link: nbnm8 website and chrome plugin

Lushsux Melbourne Kangaroo Punch Wall Mural Goes Viral

Lushsux Melbourne “Roo Punch” Wall Mural Goes Viral

A wall mural depicting the moment a man punches a Kangaroo in the Australian bush (in order to save a dog from its clutches) has been immortalised in a Melbourne street.

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