Today was cold? Yep, in fact it was the coldest Melbourne day for May since 2000.

Temperatures in Melbourne hit a max of 10.6C in the CBD on Wednesday around 2pm.

It was the coldest maximum temperature in Melbourne for this month this side of the new millennium.

It was so cold, the Alps of Victoria are covered in thick snow in what can be described as blizzard like conditions.

There is a road safety alert for Melbourne, with icy conditions making roads unsafe in some suburbs.

Heavy hail was recorded in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs.

In Ballarat, it was snowing across the city, with falls recorded in the CBD and suburbs. (Story: Snow in Ballarat).

“We’ve had a really large cold air mass push up over Victoria, with multiple smaller cold fronts embedded in the larger front,” the BOM of Vic said.

Video: Snow In Ballarat

Hail feel in the suburbs of Melbourne, with cold wind and making the commute home difficult for millions.

Super cold Antarctic blasts move over Australia

The conditions were so bad, it looks like there was sleet at Melbourne Airport.

There were extreme Melbourne weather warnings earlier by the BOM of Victoria.

“DAMAGING WINDS, with peak gusts of around 90 km/h, are possible with thunderstorms and heavy showers across the warning area today. The risk is expected to diminish late this afternoon.

Blizzard conditions may be experienced at times over Alpine areas until late afternoon.

Locations which may be affected include Warrnambool, Ballarat, Geelong, Melbourne, Traralgon and Bairnsdale.”

The latest Antarctic weather system certainly lived up to expectations and more.

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