Federation Square Future: Vics Asked to Have Their Say.

The people of Melbourne and Victoria are being asked to have their say on the future of the iconic Federations square precinct in the heart of the city.

The Fed Square Space was due to be demolished and a massive Apple Store was ready to take its pace.

However, years of protests came to fruition with plans for the change out on the back burner.

Earlier this year it was announced Heritage Victoria refused the Apple application for a permit at the site.

“Federation Square has been a meeting place in the heart of Melbourne for close on two decades and ideas from the public will be essential in ensuring this review makes it an even better place to visit,” Victorian Minister for Sport, Tourism and Events said.

“The community will benefit most from improvements to be made at Federation Square, so we encourage people to take up the opportunity to have their say,” Martin Pakula said.

However, the minister didn’t rule out the option of the demolition of the Yarra Building at the site, the centrepiece of the popular public square.

“What I would say, quite unashamedly, I don’t think that the square properly takes the best advantage of the river. We’ve got an iconic waterway just behind us and a great opportunity for people to enjoy the square of the river, but really that’s just one person’s opinion.”

A community consultation hub will be set up at Federation square in the coming days.

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Ryan is Contributing Editor