Breaking News: Australia is moving to stage 2 lockdown from midnight Tuesday night.

Going outside and “participating in the community”, unless shopping for basics or you work in a critical role where you cannot work from home, will be prevented.

Only “small numbers of guests” can come into other peoples homes. ‘

“That means bbqs, birthday parties, we cant do those things now,” the PM said.

“House parties will be restricted,” the PM said.

More places will need to close, including shopping centres.

From mid-night tomorrow night the following won’t be taking place:

Food courts and parts of shopping centres will shut down. (Take away will continue.)

In the real estate space, real estate auctions and open house inspections are closed.

Many Weddings wont be possible, only couples, celebrants and a few witnesses.

Funerals will be no more than ten persons.

Outdoor and indoor markets, with the exception of food markets, may need to close depending on the area.

Some beauty parlours, massage parlous, tattoo parlours, other beauty salons will need to close down. There will be restrictions on barber shops and hair dresses.

Amusement parks and arcades are now included.

Play centres for children will shutdown, indoor and out.

Yoga centres, fitness centres of all kinds, barre and spin classes, wellness centres, bootcamps and personal training cannot be more than ten people.

List of closures

“By following common sense rules and doing the right thing is how we slow the spread of this virus,” the PM said.

“We can potentially limited economic hard from other measures.”

“Tonight there is a strong will for States to move together to ensure consistency.”

“Tonight we agreed to extend the restrictions we announced on Sunday night.”

Schools will remain open.

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#LIVE: Prime Minister Scott Morrison announces nation-wide stage two restrictions amid COVID-19 pandemic. #9News

#LIVE: Prime Minister Scott Morrison announces nation-wide stage two restrictions amid COVID-19 pandemic. #9News

Posted by 9 News on Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Correction: Earlier the Prime Minister had to correct his statement that “shopping centres will close”

The PM was forced to retract his statement near the end of his press conference.


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