Breaking News: Phase 1 of Australia lockdown implementations are now in place.

The government says these will be in place for at least 6-months.

Australia’s pubs, bars, clubs, casinos, cinemas, theatres, places of worship and gyms are now close.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the country must prepare for long-term shutdown of non essential activities.

“It could be longer. There is no three or four-week shutdown that makes it all go away,” he said.

This is part of Australia’s desperate attempts to “flatten the curve” as the nations Covid-19 case numbers increase exponentially.

Victoria’s Premier Daniel Andrews had strong words this morning as he tried to explain why these measures are now in place.

He said Coronavirus was highly contagious.

“You wont be able to go to the pub… that doesn’t mean you have all your mates around at home and get on the beers… all that will do is spread the virus.”

Gyms told to close:

Fitness professionals are confused by this shutdown.

Speaking to the ABC this morning, Fitness Australia CEO Barrie Elvish said there was an argument gyms should be considered an essential service.

“We’ll do what the Government wants us to do, no problem, but we’d be keen to work with the Government to see if we can run some [services] perhaps some outside,” he said.

Millions of Australians have gym memberships.

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