Are bottle shops an essential service?

People across Victoria are now panic buying alcohol.

Thousands of Australians are swarming local bottle shops after the government announced a shutdown to come in over the next 48 hours.

There’s no clear indication on what types of retail outlets will be included in the lockdown just yet. So far we know supermarkets, convenience stores and petrol stations will be allowed to remain open.

Liqour stores are currently a grey area on this. Many bottle shops are connected to supermarkets, like Liquorland and may be allowed to open.

While we don’t know about other warehouse style bottle shops like Dan Murphy’s.

We just don’t know yet, so until that’s clear, Australian’s – known to be big booze consumers – are beginning to panic.

Images shared on social media Sunday night showed packed bottle shops with people hoarding beer, wine and spirits.

Many were on the phone to family to ensure everyones favourite booze doesn’t run out during the massive shutdown that could last for months.

Earlier today, the Victorian Premier said Melbourne and Victoria would move to a lockdown to stop the Covid-19 virus spread.


Ryan is Contributing Editor