The world’s most famous ‘stay at home’ working family are back.

The famous scene in March 2017 – that spurned internet memes and millions of views on social media – was somewhat re-imagined again today in a new BBC World interview.

While Professor Kelly is often interviewed by news networks for analysis on geopolitical issues on South Korea and the region. This time the BBC had the whole family on for what was somewhat of a reunion.

Mid-afternoon Korean time on Thursday March 26, the BBC World News channel interviewed Professor Robert Kelly and his wife Jung-a Kim. The interview covered the Covid-19 situation in South Korea and what its like to work from home.

The Kelly family children – Marion and James – were all there.

The family have certainly grown up fast since their famous video three years ago. But the cheekiness of the Kelly kids was still on in full force.

“South Koreans have responded really well and that’s why cases are down now to 100 a day so it’s actually been pretty successful,” Kelly said.

During the interview, James, aged two went rouge. Escaping the clutches of his mum and heading out the study door.

Meanwhile, six-year-old Mario did her best to put her dad off his game.

This exactly what we all needed in a time of global crisis.

The tweet above has been going crazy since we shared it a few hours ago. People certainly appreciate and very much need the levity.

Here’s the infamous 2017 interview:


Ryan is Contributing Editor