Chief medical officer scathing assessment of Victorians behaviour in Covid-19 crisis

Victoria’s Chief Medical Officer has slammed people’s behaviour in the state today as many refuse to abide by strict social distancing rules.

Professor Brett Sutton, Victoria’s Chief Medical Officer, took to Twitter today to express his frustration at what he witnessed on Saturday.

Sutton said the behaviour he witnessed was “really crap” and that if it continues we would see “thousands of deaths.”

“Some of the behaviour today – when we’re asking people to stay home – has been really crap. It’s hard to change habits and it’s hard to see dangers that aren’t apparent yet. But with 3,000 cases of COVID in Australia this week, we’re headed to 100,000 in 2-3 weeks without change,” he wrote.

“That means thousands of deaths. Overwhelmed health services. Medical staff at unacceptable risk. Unstoppable spread. Do the right thing now and #StayAtHome. Today. Tomorrow. Until we’re through this, please.”

The Victorian Premier today introduced huge fines for people not undertaking proper social distancing rules. 

Individuals face fines of $1,652 on the spot by police for gathering in groups. Businesses will face $5000 fines for not following new lockdown guidelines. 

A number of Melbourne beaches were also closed to discourage people gathering in public. 


Images shared on social media from across Melbourne showed that many people were still not taking the Coronavirus Pandemic seriously.

Meg Rayner shared an image of huge lines of people at Bunnings Hoppers Crossing in Melbourne.

Chief Health Officer shares his views today on Twitter.

Brett Sutton has earlier urged all Victorians to simply stay home.


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