Breaking News: Victoria will close all schools by Tuesday.

So far governments have resisted closing down schools in Australia, even as the Covid-19 crisis escalates.

Now, the Victorian government is demanding it be allowed to close down schools from this week.

The Victorian Premier is set to appeal to the Federal government to seek consent in the national cabinet. However, if Canberra won’t co-operate, the Vic government will act on its own accord.

According to ABC News, Victoria will look to shut schools from Tuesday.

Up until now, the PM Scott Morrison said schools shouldn’t shut down as yet.

The fear is that 30% of the workforce would need to take time off to look after their children, however with a lockdown of the country likely, this could be less impactful.

Both ABC News and Nine News in Canberra are confirming the reports.

Update: Reporters are now saying Premier Daniel Andrews will indeed close Victorian Schools on Tuesday.

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