BREAKING NEWS: The National Cabinet will decide to relax lockdown restrictions in Australia next week.

The details will be decided on May 8th 2020, with considerations on what rules could be relaxed based on Scientific advice.

The Prime Minister spoke to the nation Friday afternoon to announce the changes ahead.

This is a week earlier than had been planned, with COVID-19 numbers on the wane in Australia and many regions reporting zero new cases almost every day.

“When we move to reduce those restrictions.. we want to make sure we keep moving forward,” PM Scott Morrison said in Canberra.

“We don’t want that to be reversed,” he noted.

The Prime Minister also said 3.5 million people have downloaded the Covid care tracking app. He said millions more needed to do so.

“Millions more need to download it… it’s over to you Australia,” the PM said.

Australia flattening the curve

“Pretty convincingly we are flattening the curve,” Australia’s Chief Medical officer said.

“We are doing better than the modelling predicted from the previous data,” he said.

There are now so few cases of Coronavirus in most areas of Australia future predictive models are no longer useful. Only in New South Wales and Tasmania there are enough cases to even include in prediction models, the CMO said.

More to come.

Video: Live coverage from ABC News Australia