Breaking News: An Israel Australia travel bubble will be established by the end of the year, as we seek to connect with more low-risk nations.

The Guardian is tonight reporting on proposed Israel Australia travel bubble that could be in place by the last months of the year.

The plan would be a “win-win-win” situation, Israeli Ambassador to Australia Mark Sofer told the newspaper.

The Israeli government is keen to introduce direct flights between Australia and even waive quarantine requirements.

A direct flight between Melbourne and Tel Aviv would be about 17-hours, roughly the same flight time Qantas undertakes between Perth and London.

Both nations have been highly successful at mitigating the risk of the pandemic, with only a few thousand cases between the two nations and few active cases.

The proposed travel bubble would be similar to the one between Australia and New Zealand that will slowly take place from July.

Israel, seeking to make permanent the roughly 17 hour-direct flight from Tel Aviv to Melbourne or Sydney, the Guardian said.

Israel could become a gateway to other low risk nations for tourists, including Greece, Norway, Denmark and the Czech Republic. 

Greece is particularly keen to open up for Tourism, as the nation heavily relies on international visitors for economic activity and is relatively covid free.

Tourism has been almost completely stopped in recent months as the world tries to slow the spread of the coronavirus across the globe.

In March Australia stopped all non-citizens from coming into the country and prevented Australians from leaving.

“You can’t fly from Australia to Denmark in one flight. But an Australian can get on a direct flight to Tel Aviv, then onto Denmark, or other first movers countries, and not have to isolate anywhere … It will take a long time before you can do that with a country like the UK,” Ambassador Sofer said. 

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Ryan is Contributing Editor