Melbourne and Victorian cafes, restaurants and pubs will be allowed to host up to 20 patrons from June 1.

Premier Daniel Andrews has announced a timeline to normality today.

Under a staged plan for the Melbourne and Victorian hospitality, from June 22, venues would be able to host up to 50 people per enclosed space.

Then from mid-July, patron limits would be increased to 100 people.

Mr Andrews said the reopening would be subject to “a long and extensive set of rules” covering matters such as cleaning, temperature checks and screening of staff to ensure they were not unwell.

“They know it’s in their interest. They won’t be open, they’ll be closed, if they don’t follow these rules,” he said.

He also called on patrons to “do the right thing” and take the restrictions seriously.

“This will only work if those who are going out to a cafe, or those who are going out for a meal at a restaurant, or going to the bistro in a pub, actually follow those rules.” 

“The public bar won’t be open,” Mr Andrews said.

“It will be the bistro restaurant dining part of the pub. 

“People will be able to go and have a meal. 

“If they choose to have a beer with that then that’s all good.” 

Stay Home is You Can

Andrews told media today it was vital that workers who could work from home continued to do so.

“The reason that won’t be changing any time soon is that it is the view of the Chief Health Officer and his team is that if we have literally millions of people returning to office environments and other places of work where they don’t need to be there, pressing lift buttons, opening doors, congregating in kitchens, sharing bathrooms … that presents the biggest risk to the stability that we have experienced in our numbers to date.”

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