Breaking News: A Russian rocket has burnt up over Australia tonight.

People in regional areas of Victoria and southern New South Wales reported seeing a huge fireball in the sky moments ago.

Footage posted across social media by multiple people across the region shows multiple objects clumped together streaking across the sky just after sundown.

Reports a few moments later suggested the fireball was a Russian rocket re entering the atmosphere.

People tracking space activity said a third stage Russian rocket associated with a satellite lunch hit the atmosphere over SE Australia at the same time reports of a fireball came in.

Experts monitoring the activities of the Russians said the fireball was the 3rd stage of a Soyuz 2 orbital rocket.

Video: Rocket enters atmosphere over Victoria

Russian space rocket over Victoria May 22, 2020

Russian space rocket burns up in the atmosphere near Portland, Victoria tonight

Posted by Melbourne News on Friday, May 22, 2020

Astrophysicist Brad Tucker said a Russian rocket was due to hit the atmosphere over Easter Australia at the time.

“Hey eastern Australia (ACT, NSW, VIC, TAS) – if you saw some strange lights in the western skies about 30 minutes ago, it was the 3rd stage of russian rocket launch re-entering the atmosphere. Hopefully you saw the show!,” he said.

People in Victoria had initially thought a aircraft was burning up in the sky.

Dozens of people reported seeing an aircraft crash to local authorities.

It appears the fears were unfounded and indeed the incident was a space rocket.

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Update: Russian authorities have confirmed the rocket was indeed theirs.