Breaking News: The Victorian Government has identified the local government areas (LGAs) of Hume, Casey and Brimbank, Moreland, Cardinia and Darebin as the focus of current outbreaks of concern. 

There are warnings for people to limit their travel between 6 local council areas in Melbourne as they are virus hotspots.

Coronavirus transmission across the community has surged in recent days.

The government tonight out out a directive that strongly discourages travel to and from those areas until control of community transmission has been confirmed.

So which parts of Melbourne are of greatest concern?

The Government is most concerned about the local government areas (LGAs) that have seen the highest number of cases since the start of June.

As of yesterday, those included:

  • Hume (17)
  • Brimbank (10)
  • Casey (7) 
  • Darebin (6)
  • Moreland (6)
  • Cardinia (6)

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