Breaking: Melbourne lockdown rules will be expanded and anticipated changes postponed as cases surge.

Premier Daniel Andrews outlined a number of measures to try and contain the community outbreaks in Melbourne in recent days.

The Premier was clearly angry that people were not doing the right thing and spreading the disease.

“You can have the best public health team,” he said.

“But if individual families decide they won’t isolate, then it’s all for nothing.

“If you are told to isolate, you MUST isolate.

“It is not your decision to make.”

“This could not be more serious”

New lockdown status:

Working from home extended to July 31.

The limit of 20 people in restaurants, pubs, clubs, cafes, places of worship etc. to stay until the 12th of July.

People must not gather in groups larger than ten.

People must limit their visits to any home to five people.

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