Facebook appears to be shutting down news on their platform in Australia.

From major news outlets to government communications pages, social media editors and newsrooms report this morning an inability to share their news content.

Overnight the Californian company began preventing and removing the distribution of news content in Australia.

It’s in response to Australia’s new laws governing social media and search content in Australia from news companies.

The social media giant is adamant that it should not have to pay for links back to news sites.

Communications Minister Paul Fletcher has come out swinging this morning, telling the ABC Facebook needs to “think very carefully about what this means for its reputation and standing”.

“They’re effectively saying, on our platform, there will not be any information from organisations which employ paid journalists, which have fact checking processes, editorial policies,” he said.

“They’re effectively saying any information that is available on our site does not come from these reliable sources.”


Ryan is Contributing Editor