Breaking: Melbourne will enter a one week lockdown, with a 5km travel rule in place, the Department of Premier and Cabinet just said.

Only people can leave their homes for one of five reasons: food and supplies, authorised work caregiving, exercise (2 hrs per day per person) and getting vaccinated.

A 5km rule will be in place for all persons.

The lockdown starts at midnight tonight and ends 11.59PM (MIDNIGHT) June 3rd.

Face masks must be worn outside and indoors outside of home at all times.

Private and public gatherings will not be permitted.

One person is in hospital in ICU with the virus. Some 10,000 people may be contacts of exposed persons in this outbreak so far.

The variant is moving fast across Victoria, so a lockdown will follow, a statement said.

Victoria is opening up vaccinations to all people over 40 from today.